Netflix ‘Luke Cage’ season 1, episode 10 review: Did Luke survive the acid bath?

Luke CageIs Luke Cage really dead? That is the cliffhanger we were left with from the last episode, but it’s hard for us to image that this is the end of the road for him. That being said we are excited that the show has found a way to put Luke in some sort of jeopardy, which is hard when you have someone with super strength.

After finding a way to get Luke’s heart beating again Claire and Dr. Burstein find a way to combat Luke’s skin and get inside using salt and very high temperatures in the acid bath. Claire is able to get all of the shrapnel out of Luke. Once he is healing, he decides to look at Reva’s flash drive but what he sees crushes his spirits. She knew all along about the fights, the experiments – everything. Not only that but she was making documentation videos about her work on him. After learning about what they were doing at the prison, Luke destroys Burstein’s makeshift lab to make sure no one else ever gains Luke’s abilities – no more test subjects. Unfortunately for Luke, the doctor managed to not only save his hard drive, but he stole everything that was on Reva’s flash drive.

On the other side of town, Diamondback is showing Mariah around his warehouse and introducing her to his alien bullets. While the bullets are very expensive to produce right now, Diamondback wants to mass produce them for all types of guns so when regular citizens start getting scared of super humans, he will be there to sell them protection at a more affordable cost. Mariah wants time to sell the cops on this idea, but Diamondback has other plans to get things moving faster. If Diamondback can’t make Luke go out and cause problems, he’s going to pretend to be him, by wearing a hoodie, introducing himself as Luke and using a power-glove to simulate super strength as he causes chaos for the police in the area.

We had a hard time buying into people believing that Luke and Diamondback are the same man since they don’t really look alike and Luke’s face is plastered on every TV everywhere, and while some people are buying that it’s Luke, Misty isn’t convinced. Mostly it’s hard for everyone at the police station to think straight since Diamondback killed a cop on his “Luke Cage rampage”, so when an officer beats a youth badly to get information on Luke’s whereabouts, Mariah uses the situation to help her political career as well as to bring attention to those with superpowers that need to be stopped. When facial recognition comes back and shows Misty that it’s not Luke out there killing cops, she digs deeper and finds out that Carl Lucas is Luke Cage and that he and Diamondback are connected.

We enjoyed seeing Luke take a trip down memory lane where he realized that his father was stepping out on his mom and that Diamondback is his brother. This realization takes this whole situation between the brothers to a deeper level since Diamondback blames Luke even more so then his father as he saw Luke as the golden child that got it all while he had to struggle for everything. Pure sibling jealousy at it’s core. Episode grade: B-

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