Is ‘The Musketeers’ season 3 new tonight on BBC One? A season 4 lament

The past several weeks have been a powerful, emotional ordeal for fans of “The Musketeers,” and there are two separate reasons for it:

1. The fact that the series is ending. Anytime you are saying goodbye to something that is as beloved as this show has bad, it’s inevitable that you are going to feel a certain way about the notion of not getting to see it anymore.

2. Meanwhile, the show has been a scheduling hot potato for BBC One, who have tossed it around from one timeslot to the next.

With that, we come with the bad news that, if you missed it, the finale actually aired back on August 1 on the network. They aired it on a special night thanks to the Olympics coming on the air — and that’s what dominating the BBC One schedule now.

So should the show have come back for a fourth season? Obviously, there was some reason why we’re not getting it from the network angle, but it’s a shame since there is an audience for it all around the world. The one thing that was especially strange about season 3 was that it actually aired first earlier this summer on Canada; BBC’s episodes were not first-run for the series. We’re going to miss the occasional humor, the sense of adventure, and of course our leading men. There aren’t many series that appeal to this wide an audience, or contain so many honorable attributes. We are, after all, in the midst of a TV era where bad boys and villains dominate most of the airwaves.

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