‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: Nicole re-casts ‘Big Brother 16’

Nicole -We didn’t expect at first to be writing a “Big Brother” article about Nicole this afternoon, but her entire conversation with Corey is far too ridiculous to ignore. After all, we’re looking here at someone who has decided that one of her best uses of her time is drawing a parallel between everyone this season and in “Big Brother 16” — which would be more fair, if she was really seeing the forest through the trees.

Nicole’s first mistake is thinking that James is the Derrick of the season, when really the more likely scenario is that he’s the Caleb. He’s the guy who will remain blindly loyal to a core group until they no longer have a use for him. Meanwhile, she thinks that Paul is more of a Zach Rance, when in the hierarchy of this alliance he is more of the Cody to Paulie’s Derrick. Ironically, Nicole seems to think Paulie is Cody just because of his lineage.

Meanwhile, Nicole also thinks that Michelle is Christine, which is really crazy given that Michelle’s not even working with the guys. Michelle ironically is more of the Nicole on the outside looking in, while Nicole is actually the Christine, working with a bunch of dudes who will likely get rid of her when they no longer have a use for her.

Other than Paulie as Derrick, Paul as Cody, Nicole as Christine, and James as Caleb, we’re not sure there is a one-for-one comparison anywhere else. Nicole things Natalie is Victoria, but she’s got a way better social grasp on the game than she ever did. You could probably argue that Victor more fits that bill … or even Corey, ironically. Whoever you don’t slot in here you can probably put into the Frankie spot. Maybe Natalie is a Frankie because she could be seen as a threat.

Ultimately, most of this is just relevant because it shows that Nicole doesn’t really have a full understanding of the dynamics of the house at present. Also, she’s still hung up on the idea of Natalie having a crush on Corey, which seems mostly ridiculous and built up so that she has someone she perceives to be a threat.

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