‘MasterChef’ season 7, episode 11 review: We now want Nutella

MasterChef -There are several different takeaways one can have after watching the second half of Wednesday night’s “MasterChef,” and they start with this: Nutella may very well be the perfect food. If there was ever a challenge that we’d volunteer as tribute for to become a judge, it’d be looking at various Nutella-themed breakfast items.

Sure, Terry won the challenge, which really should not come as a shock to much of anyone out there based on precisely how well he has done the majority of the competition. What has come across as more of a surprise is the sudden emergence of Dan as a serious threat to make it to the end of this competition. If you look back over the years, the women have mostly dominated this competition — but we’d argue this season that the guys are really bringing it in between these two and Shaun, who won the second challenge all about bibimbap, otherwise known as a Korean rice-based dish that some competitors had never heard of. Chef Edward Lee looked genuinely touched, even, by the quality of Shaun’s cuisine here.

We have to say that after the super-intense episode beforehand where we saw the end of Andrea’s journey by disqualification, there was something a little more flat and ho-hum about the drama this time. It was clearly going to be between Diamond (who took a little too much of a risk) and Katie as to who was going to be leaving the competition, and it unfortunately was Diamond’s time to go. She probably would’ve been in danger the episode before had Andrea made it up to the front in time with her sausage on a bun; instead, now was her time.

Before we conclude, let’s give you a few more observations:

1. Christina Tosi and Terry should open up a Nutella-only breakfast place where they make eighty things in the span of an hour.

2. Why did they even bring David down at the end of the second challenge? It was clear he wasn’t going anywhere.

3. Can we petition to make Edward a permanent judge for the next season? He’s really been outstanding, and there’s something so rustic and relatable about him. Episode Grade: B-.

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