‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: The adventures of James

James -

Is James back to playing the best game on “Big Brother 18“? While we were somewhat critical at the time of his move to take out Frank, given that he wasn’t really targeting him at the moment, it seems to have turned out rather well for him. He’s fallen back into the background this week, and is in the spot that almost any good player should be: Right in the middle of different alliances. It’s a spot we’ve seen players like Johnny Mac and Andy be in effectively in the past, since he can liaise between different groups and forge his best past forward.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s be clear on one thing: James is not anywhere near as good of a player as either one of them. He is good at social bonds, though, and that is helping him get far.

In a strategic conversation last night with Natalie, she made it clear that she wants to nominate Victor and Nicole if she wins Head of Household soon. While that may be somewhat frustrating in the sense of not taking out a huge threat, it would allow her to have further flexibility. Paul and Paulie wouldn’t be that angry over the move, and neither would the Michelle / Zakiyah side. Targeting Victor in particular is such an easy move to claim something without having to get any further blood on your hands.

So James was able to be there for his showmance partner and talk things out, and then later also talk to Michelle a little bit later. While there was some tension over things he may have passed along to other players, he is positioning himself nicely so that if she gets into power soon, she will not target him and look more in some other direction. He’s doing it subtly, but he is covering all of his bases. He has even made it look as though he is contemplating keeping Da’Vonne in the game this week, and in the event she goes home it’ll be easy for him and Natalie to claim that Paul was just going to break the tie to evict her and their votes wouldn’t matter.

As of right now, James is probably back in the best spot. Paulie may have more control, but the difference between him and Derrick is that Paulie’s more of a hothead and has made enemies. Plus, he’s more of an obvious leader.

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