‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 8 review: April faces hard truths about her mother

The last episode of “Mistresses” sure left us with a lot of questions like did Marc and Sophia kiss? Also, was it Lucy that was in the car crash or someone else? To add to those questions we also want to see what happens when Scott finds out that Joss and Harry don’t know about him and Kate dating.

April: Turns out that Lucy is okay and that it was April’s mom who was in the car crash, so she will be staying with them for a while. April’s mom is really defensive towards Marc ‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 9 review: Did Marc and April break up? when she comes home, telling him that she wasn’t drinking when the crash happened and she doesn’t want any of his lectures about AA.  The car crash has brought up a hidden medical problem that April’s mom didn’t know about and that’s the fact that she is in the later stages of cirrhosis and may need a liver transplant. To be eligible for a transplant, she would have to refrain from alcohol and with her being in denial about her drinking, it’s hard to know if she can. Instead of facing her alcoholism, April’s mother turns vegan trying to show everyone how healthy she’s getting, but when Marc later finds her drunk he tells April who talks to her about rehab. She asks to lean on Marc and April instead  of rehab and April says yes. Marc doesn’t agree calling her mother out on manipulating the situation and saying that this could hurt his own sobriety. The worst part about this whole situation is that Marc is right… April’s mom doesn’t really want to get sober and more then that she’s told Marc that she plans on getting him out of April’s life.

Karen: She is worried about her nanny not being right for Vivian, but after going through so many nannies, Karen decides to get to know her better so she doesn’t fire her for the wrong reasons. She realizes that the closer Vivian gets to the nannies, Karen is feeling jealousy and is worried that if she’s not there for these important moments that Vivian will feel neglected, so she keeps her nanny. As it turns out, Karen’s nanny has put up an online profile to try dating, but is using Karen’s picture.

Joss: Now that she’s not working on Harry’s restaurant anymore, Joss is back in the thick of things with one of her client’s named Stacey. She is ranting on Twitter about an affair she had with a married “A” lister and Joss is trying to put out the fires now that it’s going viral. Instead of laying low like Joss asked, Stacey is filmed in a bakery licking bagels and putting them back (a nod to Ariana Grande’s doughnut licking incident we assume). Harry on the other hand has been offered $15,000 to give a private cooking lesson to a beautiful, famous actress – which he happily accepts. We were worried about this situation since Joss and Harry are still doing quite badly. Instead this actress gives Harry the advice to enjoy the ride he’s on and not let anyone make him feel bad about it. Joss and Harry finally have a sort of talk about what’s going on and it looks like these two are going in different directions and neither wants to be part of the other’s ride. Is this the end?

Kate: When Scott starts to get suspicious that Kate hasn’t told Joss and Harry about them, she comes clean saying that the conversation hasn’t happened yet because of all the craziness that’s happening right now. When Kate drops the ball a second time, Scott shows up at Joss’ office and tells her everything about his relationship with Kate. The real bombshell though is that he is still in love with Joss and wants her to leave Harry to be with him – sealing his feelings with a kiss! Joss tells him to leave her alone, and to stop seeing Kate. Later, Joss tries to warn Kate to stay away from Scott without having to hurt her feelings, but she refuses saying that she and Scott want to be together. Joss says that she told Scott that she and Harry don’t approve and that he won’t ever contact her again… and it’s true.

With this whole season being about Joss channeling her  rage into her Impact class, we were surprised to see her start taking pills at the end of the episode. It seemed fairly out of character for her to take someone else’s prescription drugs. At least we finally had an April story this season that’s pretty interesting and we wish this had been introduced way earlier. For some reason this season of “Mistresses” just feels a little disjointed and we aren’t sure if it’s the stories or the addition of Kate, but something just isn’t working for us the way it used to with this show. Episode grade: C+

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