‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 13 (finale) review: Did Topher get fired, are TC and Syd alive?

It’s been a fantastic ride, but tonight we are at the finale of “The Night Shift” season 3 and there are so many cliffhangers from last week that we don’t even know where to begin. Is Paul’s dad going to save the hospital? Who really took the missing drugs? Is this really the end of Paul and Shannon? And the biggest question we’ve been sitting on all week is what was Jordan going to say to Scott right before the fire hit? This show has never been known to shy away from tough stories and big cliffhangers and we expect that the end of season 3 is going to be no exception. Just in case you missed it, we spoke to Brendan Fehr yesterday and you can check out what he had to say about the season at the link here.

Brianna’s dad has decided to file a suit to win custody of her and that means that until it’s sorted out she may end up back at a foster home. After a DNA test comes back proving that Justin is Brianna’s father, Drew and Rick try to talk to him about letting them adopt her. He makes it clear that he’s not allowing it to happen because he doesn’t want her living with a gay couple. Rick says that he’s going to dig deeper into this man’s past to see if there’s anything unsavory they can use against him. Rick finds out that Justin knew about Brianna and in fact had used this against her mother in the past. This means that Justin had given up his parental rights long ago. After Justin is confronted he says that he will give up his rights to Brianna for $20,000 and they tell him to take a flying leap. The adoption is back on!

Scott, and Jordan are able to get to a safe place with their patient and now they have a chance to talk. Scott reveals that Annie is moving too fast and that he’s pumped the breaks. Jordan tells Scott about Annie asking her if she wants to be with Scott and he seems pleased to hear that she didn’t say no. Jordan tells Scott about the drugs she found in TC’s locker (the one that Annie uses), and he’s crushed to learn that she lied to him. Scott confronts Annie and sends her back to rehab, saying that he will go with her.

Paul’s dad shows up at the hospital to assess whether or not the collective is going to buy it. Topher suggests that Paul’s dad wash up and help with surgery, but Paul and his dad are butting heads right away. A patient needs a surgery, and when they say that they can’t afford it, Paul suggests that they will do it for a lower cost. His dad says that the patient doesn’t need surgery and that he will heal on his own. Does his father only care about the bottom line? When the patient gets worse, Paul brings him into surgery. After talking with his dad, Paul realizes that his dad might be there to be with him more then he’s there to buy the hospital. As it turns out, Paul’s dad wants him to move up in his career with him and he’s bought the hospital. Does this mean that everyone’s job is safe? Nope! Paul’s dad fires Topher! When Paul finds out what happened to Topher, he tells his dad that without Topher he’s resigning… and the rest of the staff also says they are walking out too. Although everyone’s out of work, Paul tells Shannon that he’s in love with her and she admits that she’s in love with him too. Although we are not typically a site that ships couples – Paul and Shannon are the exception.

Is Syd going to die? She is sick and the medicine that was dropped off can’t be retrieved… or can it? TC gets himself in trouble with the other side and has a chance to talk to someone in charge. TC asks what it will take to give him the drugs, and the man says that he will give it to them if he fixes his son’s hip. They start the surgery, but because Syd is so sick, she collapses during the surgery. After fixing this man’s son (and getting the drugs they need) there’s an airstrike on TC and Syd’s camp leaving them both bleeding and unconscious. Are they unconscious or are they dead? One of the things we love about “The Night Shift” is that they aren’t afraid to take big risks (like giving us a major cliffhanger before they even know if they are renewed), so if TC and Syd are dead then we know that it’s because it’s to move a bigger story forward if season 4 happens.

While there hasn’t been any news yet on if there will be a season 4, we are hopeful. Sure, there are a lot of medical dramas in the TV landscape right now, but there is something really special about this show and it’s all because of the characters. They are good people that each have realistic flaws and that’s what makes them so incredibly relatable in a way that many other shows can’t seem to get right. We can’t wait to see what “The Night Shift” brings us next season! Episode grade: A

What did you think of the ending to “The Night Shift” season 3 and what do you want to see happen in season 4? Leave us a comment in the box below and share your thoughts.

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