‘The Simpsons’ video: Homer makes a choice in Presidential election

The Simpsons -

You really shouldn’t be surprised that “The Simpsons” is taking some sort of stand on the Presidential election, mostly because one way or another, this is a show that has taken a stand on plenty of things.

Granted, we’re not exactly calling the video below the biggest takedown in the history of Presidential politics, either. Basically, the main message of the video, at least from Homer Simpson’s vantage point, is that he is voting for Hillary Clinton because if he doesn’t, Marge will never sleep with him again. Granted, the show’s message for us between the lines is a little different, suggesting that Trump is too self-involved with his image, his tan, and what is apparently an animal living atop his head than he is with combating a serious threat at 3:00 in the morning. The entire video is a send-up on that popular “what happens when you get that call?” question that is asked often during debates.

Our goal at the site isn’t really to be political, so let’s avoid that and talk a little bit about this from a humor standpoint. It’s a moderately amusing take, but not exactly hilarious. The take on Hillary could’ve been more biting even if the writers wanted to keep the same message at the end of it; meanwhile, the Trump spoof got a laugh from us mostly thanks to his hairpiece, though there weren’t exactly any jokes in here that felt new or refreshing.

The big problem with mocking Trump at this point is that so many other people have done it that it’s hard to offer up a completely new take. Also, we’re not even sure that it has any impact on his supporters in the event that the goal is to convince some of them to change their minds.

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