‘Big Brother 18′ live feed spoilers: Corey and James’ morning conversation

Corey -What’s this? Corey talking to someone in the “Big Brother” house other than Nicole and Paulie? Trust us when we say that we’re as surprised as anyone.

Yet, we have to say that he did a pretty good job here with James. Granted, the two of them do have a reasonable amount in common. They both live in similar parts of the country, are reasonably athletic, and neither is altogether interested in hardcore strategy talk. Yet, they do at least have some awareness that they’re playing a game, even if James frustrates us sometimes with doing what the house wants as opposed to trying to cater to his own interests.

The conversation this morning between the two guys mostly consisted of long-term plans, as James tried to pitch himself and Natalie making it far with people like Corey, Nicole, and Paulie, and getting rid of people like Michelle, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, Victor, and Zakiyah along the way. Corey told him that Da’Vonne is the likely target this week, and while James and Natalie have talked about trying to flip the vote, they may have trouble with that if Paulie, Victor, Nicole, and Corey are all set to get her out of the game. We would approach Victor if we were Da’Vonne over the coming days, given that PaulieĀ didĀ send him out of the game. He may be someone you can talk to. This is a confusing week in general, mostly because Paul has said he’d rather get Bridgette out but most of his allies aren’t on the same page with him.

What made this conversation effective for James in the end is that he got a little bit of information from Corey without coming across as confrontational or aggressive. He’s making inroads with people at a time he needs do, given that he’s not really at the nexus of the main alliance in the game.

We’ll have more scoop on “Big Brother” later today over at this link. For now, we’ll say that Da’Vonne doesn’t seem to be aware that he could be a target.

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