‘Outcast’ episode 8 review: Sidney’s horror story

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As of late, “Outcast” has been a show really all about conquering demons more so than trying to vanquish them. For Kyle, that has included his journey to get past his history with Allison and find some sort of peace; for Reverend Anderson, it is some concoction of both validation from the community and also vindication over Sidney. We certainly don’t blame the Reverend for holding a grudge after a branding. Would you?

What was particularly compelling and horrifying about episode 8 in some many ways was the discussion it brought about concerning Sidney, a rare many who may have been better post-possession given the unspeakable things that he was doing to children beforehand. This show has excelled when it comes to presenting its people as layered, and now it is even doing so when it comes to demons. They have a moral compass, and it is different than some despicable characters on Earth.

We really cannot say enough in here about the performance of once Brent Spiner, who brought so much to this role tonight even when the material was the most uncomfortable. While we know he may be a TV icon for other things, this is starting to feel more and more like the performance of his career. Sidney is terrifying, and yet a fixture anytime he is on screen.

You could debate whether or not it is a great thing when a character in Sidney completely overshadows someone like Kyle who is at the center of the series, but for one episode, we’re fine with it since this is a character we needed more of a window into. Learning about him also gave some further insight into how Reverend Anderson feels, and the sense of pain he may be holding in his heart after being run out of town. He may know he is right, but if he cannot convince others to feel the same, than is there any point?

Overall, we have to say that when it comes to creepiness, pain, and the horrors of humanity, this may be the best “Outcast” yet. It’s certainly left you in a way that you want the final episodes to be on the air as soon as possible.¬†Grade: A-.

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