‘Big Brother 18’ live review: Was Frank Eudy or Bridgette Dunning evicted?

Frank -Tonight’s “Big Brother” live eviction show had a lot to take care of, in between the Secret Room, someone going home from the game, and of course the beginnings of the next Head of Household Competition. We’re here as always to break down the show LIVE, and there will be some further updates over the course of the night. Stay tuned!

Michelle cries – Sure, we feel for her since she liked Frank, but she didn’t use the Veto on him! She could have saved him! We do think that she could have done this move and been okay next week, given that she is going to have a hard time making it to the final two in her current alliance. At least this way she would’ve had some more moves on her resume.

Secret Room segment – This was mostly great because of how terribly Paul handled this like a tiny bull in a tiny china shop. He was all over the place! He found the Paris room eventually, and it was a great job on the show’s part showcasing precisely how terrible of a liar Paul really was after the fact. Nobody seems to be that angry at him, but still. We know that there are some conspiracy theorists out there who think that Frank is going to go right back in the house tonight, but we doubt it … mostly because Twitter would explode. Also, it’s only a one-in-twelve shot.

Friends speak out – We heard from Jason, Meg, Boogie, and Nicole’s ex Hayden, but this was all more or less fluff. There wasn’t much in the way of substance here, but can you really be surprised? These segments are pretty much never revealing.

Eviction – It was Frank, it was unanimous, and he did not have a Round-Trip ticket. Hush, conspiracy theorists! We are going to miss him just because he brought a lot of drama to the feeds, and there are a lot of people not really bringing anything at this point. Still, he’s a terrible player. He’s never been good, so it’s not too shocking to see him out.

Head of Household Competition – There are no answers tonight — you can read updates here!

Care Package – America is voting to give people a little bit of love, and this week, that includes a “Never Not” pass … which really isn’t that much of an advantage.

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