‘Suits’ season 6, episode 3 review: Harvey and Mike find new deals

Suits -Suits” often is the sort of show where a new opportunity can surprise you almost out of nowhere, and on Wednesday night’s new episode, the return of Neal McDonough as Sean Cahill brought that very thing to Mike Ross.

Basically, at the tail end of the episode he offered up something both very unique and also valuable to Mike: A way out of prison. All he has to do now is convince his roommate to give up some information as the smoking gun in a different case, and he can work his way out of jail in almost no time. It’s an easier out than waiting out two years, but in turn the problem is Mike’s loyalty. It’s been brilliantly displayed over the years with Harvey, and probably will be once again here: He does not want to be the one to sell out someone. He values the trust he puts in other people.

Ironically, at this very moment Mike seems to be prioritizing more getting someone else out of prison more so than himself, and it’s Frank Gallo. In order to get him off his back, he informed him about a way that he could seek parole in six weeks and get his life back on track. Whether or not he chooses it is his own doing, but it shall be interesting to watch.

While nothing necessarily earth-shattering was mentioned over the course of this episode, there were many solid storylines throughout. Take, for example, Louis Litt’s treatment of the traders leasing the office completely blowing up in his face, or Rachel joining the Innocence Project in order to help free someone on death row. Her scene with Jessica, where she got some advice on inciting fear in her classmates at law school, is one of our favorites between the two of them. It certainly is a nice indication of the growth these characters have displayed over time.

Harvey, meanwhile, followed his moral compass away from one questionable big-fish client and to another. Sure, it wasn’t someone he loved or felt was a good person, but at least he didn’t feel as though he was on the cusp of an arrest. At this point, that’s as much of a win as anything.

In general, we cannot call this episode a comeback since the quality of the show never slid; yet, it feels like classic, quintessential “Suits,” and we’re saying that even with Mike in prison and out of contact with people he cares about. Episode Grade: A-.

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