‘Arrested Development’ season 5 may start production next year

Given that today was Netflix’s time at the TCA Summer Press Tour, wasn’t it appropriate that there were some questions asked in regards to an upcoming fifth season of “Arrested Development”? We certainly thought so, and we’re glad to hear that this is finally closer to coming to fruition.

Speaking per Entertainment Weekly, creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed that production on new episodes could be coming next year, and he is certainly aware of the art-meets-life implications of Donald Trump wanting to build a wall along the Mexican border, something that was a part of this show many years before his Presidential candidacy began:

“The fourth season was all about the Bluths building a wall … This was before he made that comment. Even then it felt a little trite to me, but I had enough twists in my head, I knew what we were going to do with it, I knew what the twist was, and I still don’t want to give that away.

“But so much of what we were getting at [will] still be viable. Where we left things in season 4, [Lindsay Bluth] was becoming the Republican candidate arguing to put up this wall; even though she fought against it, she had completely flip-flopped. She was going to be running against her friend Sally Sitwell, but there were so many things that we had built into it that was all about Hispanic uprising, so I may pull back on that, just for comedic reasons, just because it might feel like a sketch, like too easy of a parody.”

One other way in which the show was slightly ahead of the curve was by having Buster be accused of the murder of Lucille Bluth, something that feels very true-crime now and in the vein of “Making a Murderer.” Maybe the show will stay away from directly parodying this series much in the same way they are Trump, but Hurwitz and his writers are a fairly innovative bunch. We have a feeling that they will be able to figure this out in due time.

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