TV Death Toll: Who could ‘The Vampire Diaries’ lose in its final season?

Over the weekend, The CW confirmed while at San Diego Comic-Con that season 8 of “The Vampire Diaries” is going to be the last for the show. It’s a particularly sad thought, but at the same time it’s rather hard to be upset when you’ve got a show that has had as long and as incredible of a run on TV as this one has.

After this long journey, is it possible that someone really could die before we make it to the finish line? It certainly feels likely, given the show’s history and the stakes that we are present with. For us, the question is who, and that’s something we’re going to try our best to analyze in the latest edition of our TV Death Toll series.

Stefan – It’d be a major slap in the face to kill him off. Sure, he has that ripper part of his personality, but when that is at bay there is an inherent nature to do good that is not always present elsewhere. Seeing him have a relatively happy ending seems like a must for the show.

Damon – We think he could die, but if he does, it’d have to be tied towards Elena in some way. These two characters are so linked that one way or another, we don’t see his story concluding without Nina Dobrev turning back up.

Caroline – If you’re allowing Stefan to live, it only makes some sense that she could.

Bonnie – Killing off Bonnie seems incredibly mean given how much the show has put her through already, but we’re still not ruling it out.

Alaric – He’s already had a huge death episode, so to do that again would be super-repetitive.

Matt – There would be something gloriously ironic in the mortal human being the last person standing, but we could see him dying in a “all humanity is lost” sort of way.

Enzo – Given that he was not there at the beginning of the series, all signs seem to be pointing in the direction of him being the most-likely character to go. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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