‘Major Crimes’ season 5, episode 6 review: Familiar traits and Venice Beach

Major Crimes -

Tonight on TNT, “Major Crimes” gave you a story that once again had quite a bit going on. You had a case, some personal stuff happening with almost every supporting character across the board, plus a fun little scene with Andy and a cake in the end.

Before we get to the remainder of the episode, let’s talk Rusty for a moment. Eventually, he learned from his mother that she was giving up her next child for adoption after he at first avoided her phone calls and focused more on working around the precinct. It’s a reveal we certainly saw coming, but at the same time continued to show some of the flaws in the Rusty character. He can certainly be selfish, and while we do like to root for him, there are some clear character flaws that remain.

As for the case itself, it threw us for some loops since we had a thief on the loose in Venice Beach killing tourists, which made for a challenge since this is always a chaotic place to be in the first place. To make matters worse, the team had to run up against a journalist in Peter who was ready to start giving out some information that could be very damaging to the tourism industry.

Through some hard work from all involved, the case was eventually solved, and in return for him help, Peter got an exclusive interview. It’s hard to call any case a victory when this many people die, but at least the city can be more at peace again.

The good thing about this episode is that it did feel very much like a team effort, and one way or another, there were many people involved and they all had a unique, important role. The Rusty stuff is polarizing, but it almost always is and you can’t turn around some of flaws overnight. Grade: B+.

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