‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 9 review: Is Evelyn jealous over Adrian and Gail?

Devious MaidsThis season of “Devious Maids” has been full of twists and turns, but this last episode had us at the edge of our seats. Zoila’s boss has returned home, so her days of playing millionaire are over, Rosie is getting closer to finding out who really killed Peri, Carmen thinks her one true love is dead and Marisol’s whole relationship with Peter is about to blow up in her face. To put a delicious cherry on the top of this cake, Adrian Powell has hired a private investigator to start digging into Evelyn’s new boyfriend James.

Rosie: Miguel is acting out, so Rosie decides to put the fear of prison into him by asking Spence for help and he comes up with an idea to bring him to a prison to show him how bad it is. When Miguel comes to prison, he meets Kill Face, who doesn’t help the situation as they bond over gummy bears, but what Spence eventually learns is that Miguel is getting into trouble because Rosie is not paying attention to him anymore. She is too focused on getting Spence out of prison. Rosie talks to Miguel and reassures him that she is going to put in more time with him.

Zoila: Even though the owner has come back to the house, Zoila is still trying to make Kyle believe that it’s her house. Things get a little difficult for Zoila now that her employer has some demands and one of them is wearing a maids uniform. When Frances comes over to “Zoila’s” house, she learns who Zoila really is and heads home to tell Kyle. Zoila is confronted by Kyle and she tells him that she’s not the only one keeping secrets, because she knows about the Circle. She tells him that Spence didn’t commit this murder and she needs Kyle’s help to get the tape of Peri telling her secrets to free him, but he refuses. He goes home and confronts his mom about Spence and she tells him to make a choice between her and Zoila and he chooses Frances… and they move out in the middle of the night!!! The evidence is now gone.

Marisol: She has found out that Peter knows about her tryst with Jesse and she’s being blocked out of his life. Marisol wants to know how Peter found out and after talking to Jesse she learns that he told Genevieve, so she heads to her house to confront her and it gets quite ugly! Later, Genevieve decides to make things right with Marisol, so she apologizes. She tells Marisol that she always regretted cheating on Peter, saying that it was a one time thing – that she had a half a cocktail and blacked out waking up in a friend of Peter’s bed. Marisol calls it out for what it is… that she was drugged and assaulted. She asks who it was that did this to her and Genevieve tells her that it was the director of Marisol’s film.

Carmen: She wants to try out for Marisol’s movie as the role of herself and so does Daniella. When she learns that Carmen is trying out for the part as well, she uses the opportunity to run lines with her to learn as much as she can. When Carmen goes to the audition, she learns that Daniella used her and it frazzles her as she blows her audition. Daniella gets a call back, but when she shows up, only the dreaded director is there and they’re alone.

Evelyn: She knows that Adrian has a private investigator after her and is trying to make him extra upset, but James doesn’t want to push his buttons. Evelyn is starting to think that James is too nice a.k.a. dull for her and it makes her a little nostalgic for Adrian. When Adrian gets the file on James from his private investigator it’s squeaky clean and he’s back to the drawing board. Gail learns that Adrian likes to be tied up, she uses that information to try and get him into bed and Evelyn walks in on the situation. Although Adrian isn’t interested in Gail, he realizes that Evelyn is jealous of them being together and uses it to his advantage. When Evelyn inadvertently reveals her jealousy to James, he breaks up with her.

It was great to see a story with Rosie tonight that wasn’t completely based on the Circle, since we were starting to forget that Miguel even existed for a while there. Now that we know Marisol’s director is the person responsible for assaulting all these women, we are very worried for Daniella and hope she makes it out of the next episode okay. Episode grade: B+

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