‘Power’ season 3, episode 2 review: Tommy and a tornado

At the end of “Power” last season, Tommy faced a rather harsh mandate: Either he agrees to kill Ghost once and for all, or he faces the potential consequences that come with leaving him alive. Unfortunately, what we also learned is that those “consequences” could potentially include him losing everything he loves. He first lost his dog, and on Sunday night’s new episode, Holly made a case to him so that he wouldn’t lose her … and could save her own hide.

Holly is a game-players and a manipulator in her own right. In telling Tommy to kill Ghost and that she believed in him, she knew what she was doing: Appealing to his sense of pride and his role as the protector. She wants him to feel like the strong, capable man, and of course she gets a little something-something in return. His life is starting to spiral given that everyone wants something from him, and he’s still not sure he can kill someone. Seeing Tasha at the end was the icing on top of the complicated cake.

One other thing that makes Tommy and in turn Ghost’s situation all the more complicated is the death in prison of one of the most important people tied to the Lobos case; with him gone, it makes the John Doe trial all the more complicated. With Ghost starting to sweat, he could have a threat in the flesh before long.

In some ways, we do wish the show delved deeper into Ghost’s “reentry” into the crime world this week, given the previous cliffhanger and him trying to meet up with Tommy. The meeting never quite happened, but with Tommy’s new motivation as ammo, we cannot imagine the show going on for too much longer before he makes a move.

Aside from all of the Tommy stuff, the biggest / most interesting / shocking highlight revolved around Angela starting to care for Jamie’s kids, and there were some complications that came along with that. Specifically, is Jamie really keeping his children away from his double life? We almost feel like all of this sudden turmoil is having an adverse effect, and the scene with the gun is a pretty good example of precisely what we are talking about here.

This episode proved to be action-packed and fascinating, though we do think the story moved at times at a little bit of a crawl. We will just see precisely where the story goes from here on out. Episode Grade: B+.

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