‘UnREAL’ season 2 spoilers: Freddie Stroma breaks down Adam Cromwell’s big return

If you loved the first season of “UnREAL,” odds are that the Adam Cromwell character is one of the reasons why. He was the original “Everlasting” suitor, and the development of his relationship with Rachel was fascinating to watch. You almost knew as we got closer to the end of the season that they were never going to actually be together, but at the same time, that minuscule glimmer of hope is what kept you invested.

Well, we know that Freddie Stroma will be back on Monday night’s new episode, but circumstances are now quite different. Rachel is now with Coleman, and with her feelings somewhat tied up, she may not be as invested in going along with him anymore.

So why would Adam come back in the first place, given that it was a phone-call from Quinn that summoned him and he knows what she is like? Speaking to TVLine, Freddie Stroma makes it clear that in his character’s eyes, he may have seen it as a mutually-beneficial opportunity:

“The feelings he has for Rachel [bring him back]. He knows very well that Quinn is manipulating him. She’s done it many times in Season 1, so he knows that there’s a hidden agenda with her. But he’s willing to take that on if it means that he can get his motivation in there.”

Given Adam’s history, we don’t presume that he will care altogether much about Coleman being in the way. He is a guy who is fairly used to getting what he wants, so he will probably just make a move on her regardless of how he feels. The larger mystery is how open Rachel is to it.

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