‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: A mess topped with more mess

Tiffany -We feel rather confident with saying that it is official now: “Big Brother 18” is in the midst of its greatest week on the live feeds by far. The majority of the people who are playing are doing so badly, and that is in part what is making today so entertaining.

Let’s start with who are clearly playing the best games: James, Natalie, and Michelle. Why? They’re not involved in much of it. This is really a case of letting other people implode, and you can be left to survey the wreckage.

Really, it’s hard to really even know where to begin tonight given that it has mostly been a series of “he said, she said” ramblings that stemmed at first from Tiffany cluing Frank in on the Fatal Five, which in turn led to the two of them talking to Paul about the 8 Pack, which in turn led to Paul basically going from room to room and being a bearded rat. All of this rumor-spreading got people very riled up, especially the parts of it from Frank and Tiffany’s side that seemed to implicate Da’Vonne. Paulie is up on his high horse now declaring that Tiffany is Vanessa, and apparently, he is a sheep for Derrick, who told him before the game that if Vanessa was there, he should get her out right away. Tiffany’s actually not Vanessa, regardless of what Paulie may think, but apparently she’s close enough.

Also interesting here is that Paulie’s father actually did some research on Tiffany before the game — so apparently, the leaked information was out there.

Elsewhere, Nicole is worried Corey may be mad at her (blah blah blah, not really interesting), and it seems like Da’Vonne is still the likely replacement nominee. As much fun as Tiffany has been tonight blowing things out into the open, she’s really not getting any further to securing her survival for another week.

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