TV Death Toll: Could ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ lose anyone else before the end?

For a crime procedural on TNT with some humorous notes to it, it has been surprising to see that “Rizzoli & Isles” has actually lost a number of characters over the course of its run. Obviously, some of them like Frost came about as a result of some devastating circumstances, it still remains that this is a show that has dealt with death. We almost had that early on in the premiere, and there were temporarily some fears in our mind that Maura’s brain injury could have fatal consequences.

Given that we are in the final season now, though, are we poised to get a happy ending? Could there be a stretch of episodes without a death of an important character?

For the time being, we actually feel fairly confident that the remainder of the cast will get out of here alive, mostly because it’s hard to imagine them taking out a series regular out of the remaining crop. You can’s have the show without Rizzoli or Isles, Frankie and Nina are just starting to get things going, and we would not understand the idea of getting rid of someone like Angela.

Typically, the idea of killing off a character is to take them to a place that they have not been before, and for this show, that’s of lesser importance that others we have profiled in our TV Death Toll article series. We’ve already seen these characters deal with that; Jane also had to deal with the loss of her unborn child. They have already had tragedy, and given that this show does have a reasonably-upbeat tone at times, we like to think there could be blue skies and clouds coming on the horizon.

Could we be wrong? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, maybe we’ve jinxed it by suggesting most of the cast on the show should be safe.

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