‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 9 review: Did Paul, Shannon decide to give romance a chance?

The Night ShiftOn the last episode of “The Night Shift” we saw Shannon and Paul kiss (and then hook up in the back of his car in the hospital parking lot), so what happens for these two now? For us, this is a relationship that we are really rooting for to be more then just a one time thing. It feels like Shannon needs someone a little straight laced like Paul to help give her stability, where she is someone that can help Paul open up to new things and experiences. Let’s see if their hook up is going to last past one episode.

The nurses are on strike and the doctor’s are supportive of their stance, but also frustrated because they can’t properly help their patients without their help. Kenny is being pulled in two different directions as he is supposed to be out on the picket lines, but he also has a patient that he wants to help see all the way through to recovery. Once a bomb goes off at the hospital, the strike is officially over and it’s good timing too since the bomb released anthrax. The drama is heating up for everyone, but Kenny was front and center as the patient he crossed the picket lines to help is a burgeoning soccer player and her leg is injured pretty badly. She won’t play soccer again (or get a soccer scholarship), but Kenny tells her that he’s going to help her through the college application process and that they will find another way to get her a scholarship.

So what about Paul and Shannon? She is regretting sleeping with Paul and thinks that he’s going to get weird or clingy, but instead he’s playing it really cool with her. Cool and Paul are not really two words that go together, but once we see that Kenny is coaching him in the art of playing it cool, it all makes sense. Paul really likes Shannon and is doing what he can to make sure he doesn’t blow it. A patient tells her to give Paul a chance to decide for himself if she’s right for him or not, but she goes back to her old ways and tells Paul that it was a one time thing. Not what we wanted to see, but we aren’t giving up hope yet.

If you have been hoping to see more of Drew and Brianna then you’re in luck! We had a few cute moments between these two tonight as he gives her some candy and we see how much she looks up to him. Drew is still worried that the lung transplant isn’t going to come through for her in time and if she doesn’t get it that she will die – a completely heartbreaking scenario. Can Drew and Rick please adopt her immediately if not sooner?

The nice slow build between Paul and Shannon has been delicious and it’s been exciting to see the aftermath of their backseat tryst. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and there’s nothing we want to see more then these two have a long lasting relationship. With the major personality differences between these two, we suspect a long term relationship would be a lot of fun to watch since we know there will be some growing pains for them both. Now we just have to get Shannon on board. Episode grade: A

In case you missed it, here is our exclusive interview with JR Lemon at the link here as he talks to us about the future of Kenny and his love life.

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