‘The Last Ship’ season 3: Eric Dane reacts to Chandler – Sasha moment

Chandler -On Sunday night’s new episode of “The Last Ship,” there was a moment for the Chandler character that was definitely more romantic than anything that we have seen from him in some time. He and Sasha had a brief romantic exchange after he went the extra mile to save her, and while nothing is altogether confirmed just yet, we do think there’s a shot that there is much more to come between the two of them.

In explaining more about this exchange and the timing of it per TV Guide, Eric Dane passed along the following message:

“I think it’s time for Chandler to move on. He’s been mourning his wife for an appropriate amount of time. Sasha’s somebody that’s been in his life prior to that relationship and is a familiarity to him.”

Dane also mentioned that as we move forward this season, we’re going to see a different sort of Tom as he struggles more with the emotions and the stakes of everything that is transpiring:

“[Tom] feels responsible for every soul aboard that ship. At the beginning of the season there was a moment of exhale. The country was sort of rebuilding. Things were getting kind of put back together again. Then his crew gets kidnapped, and there’s an outbreak in China. It’s becoming overwhelming for him because he let his guard down. He really is kind of taking things not only personally, but harder.”

Given what he is dealing with, he could use someone in his life more than ever. The problem here comes in that him having a romantic relationship with someone in the crew would hardly be approved by the Navy.

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