‘The Musketeers’ season 3, episode 6 reaction: A shocking death rocks our world

With Feron and Grimaud’s plans coming into full swing on Saturday’s new episode of “The Musketeers,” we must be honest: We were afraid. Specifically, we were concerned that a new plot would cause one of our leads to die.

What we saw tonight began with a divide-and-conquer strategy. The Musketeers were in different places, and presented many of them in a quagmire. How could they individually escape and help one another? This proved to be no easy task; yet, these four have proven themselves to be a resilient bunch, and you can say that once more after watching what transpired in this episode.

As for who didn’t make it out of this alive, the answer was (seemingly) Feron! Grimaud stabbed him, but even as he appeared to approach death, he still managed to fire off a warning shot for Louis’ sake. This in turn led to a team-up like no others between Louis and Aramis, which is proof that in the right circumstances, people can team up with the greater good in mind. We say this even knowing that the two also faced off over the affair with Anne.

What this episode did so successfully is toy first and foremost with the idea of death. At the start of the hour, it was Feron who was speaking about killing someone. By the end, it was his body on the ground. The episode title was deception, and while Louis remains in power, his looming death casts a show of his own. After all, it is believed he does not have much time in the world. Add to these elements some excellent fight scenes and Grimaud (somehow) surviving yet again, and you have one of the best episodes of the series. It certainly gives you a great deal of excitement for the coming weeks.

In the end, the celebration for Feron is that, despite being a villain, he went out in a redeeming way. He put his loyalty to the king over his alliance with Grimaud, and unfortunately he paid for it.

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