‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Rags to Raches, Custard Stand Chili, Insta-Fire, PRx Performance, Three Jerks Jerky

Shark Tank -Tonight on ABC, “Shark Tank” is re-airing an episode that aired at a special time early this year. News flash: This is one of the few ones in the past few years we didn’t watch live when it first aired. Therefore, we’re basically looking at this episode with fresh eyes in the latest chapter in our Revisited series, while at the same time also trying to assess where these companies have come since the show. Think of this article as a fun balancing act, and one that will praise many products along the way. (Looking at the chili and Rags to Raches here!)

First, kudos to Three Jerks Jerky on the update segment. We really want jerky now…

Insta-Fire – We’re not going to pretend that this product is (ironically) the flashiest in the history of the show. Yet, the goal is to provide a great alternative for creating fires / boiling water, and this provides that. They got a great deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner in the Tank. We’re not in the room where deals are being organized or where financials are posting, so we cannot say how they’re faring now. We can say that there website could probably be a little flashier.

Custard Stand Chili – If the goal is to make us ridiculously hungry, Custard Stand makes us want both this and the jerky mentioned earlier. The company didn’t get the investment in the Tank, but they don’t really need it. They have a setup to make back their debt and expand easily. Then again, we may also have a bias as someone who prefers chili without beans.

PRx Performance – Sure, it’s not the flashiest name ever, but the company got a great investment from a guy in Kevin O’Leary who, despite whatever preconceived notions you may have about him, has shown himself many times over to be one of the best Sharks to help you stay successful. Their website is fairly slick and intuitive, and for people who want to work out remotely, this feels like a solid option.

Rags to Raches – Here, we have the clothing brand, which really tried to sell their brand as a selling point. The clothing is cute and perfect for the target audience, and to date, this feels like the most successful product from the episode. There was a little arrogance exhibited on the show, but not of the delusional variety. It was just based on passion. She needed focus, and the Tank gave her that.

Was Rags to Raches your favorite tonight, or did you prefer another? Share below.

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