‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 8 review: Can Jordan and Jessica get along?

The Night ShiftWe lost Syd and Riley on the last episode of “The Night Shift”, but we are hopeful that we will see them again at some point this season. Also, are Paul and Shannon going to be the next big couple? They have been flirting in a school yard kind of way and now Paul has been clued in to her feelings. Will he do something about it? Let’s see what’s in store for us tonight.

Scott is still not talking to Jordan even after her apology to him and while working together Scott seems to be a little short with her. Luckily the case they are working on together is helping to get them on the same page about at least one thing – their patients best interests. Is this going to be enough to help bridge the gap? After everything that happened tonight, it helped Scott realize that he’s been harboring some hurt feelings about Jordan from years back. He apologizes to Jordan and asks for a fresh start, which she is happy to give.

Topher’s mom is brought into the hospital after talking about some strange things (like walking across the street with her husband who passed away years ago). Things get worse as she starts to pass out – is Topher’s mom having a stroke? Turns out that she’s been seeing a man named Clive and that his nitroglycerin patch rubbed off onto her while they were in bed together! This was a great laugh tonight, especially watching Topher squirm hearing about his mom’s romantic life.

Paul has the night off and has a dinner date, that he happens to mention in front of Shannon which of course brings a flurry of insulting comments. Unfortunately, his date with this mystery woman is thwarted by work (can this guy ever win?). The case he’s working on tonight hits home with Shannon when the foster daughter of the injured mom will get put back into the system if Paul can’t save her. When the mother dies, Paul does what he can to help Shannon leading to a pretty passionate kiss between them… and more in the back of Paul’s car!

It was interesting to see Jordan have to call on Jessica for help tonight! We know that Jordan is a true professional, but we thought this was going to be difficult for her. Instead she is glad that Jessica is making TC happy. It was also fun watching everyone “congratulate” Kenny over and over, confusing the heck out of him. Turns out that he was elected as the new union rep after skipping the meeting. We know that this is a medical drama and there is a lot of serious moments, but the thing we love about this show is that they balance some humor and light moments perfectly. Episode grade: B

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