‘Major Crimes’ season 5 spoilers: Can Rusty’s mother make amends?

Major Crimes -

Earlier this season on “Major Crimes,” Rusty’s biological mother re-entered the picture with big news: She’s pregnant! However, his reaction was less than ideal. He does not feel like she can handle being a mother, based on what the two of them went through.

There was no resolution at the time, but later this season, it’s possible that could change. We have some of the first news now regarding the upcoming July 25 episode entitled “Tourist Trap,” which will feature her return to the show. Also, the SpoilerTV synopsis hints at another tricky case with widespread implications:

“When a pair of British tourists get attacked on their second honeymoon during a Venice Beach robbery, L.A.’s twenty billion dollar tourist industry is threatened by an English journalist riding their tragedy to a career high. Meanwhile, Rusty’s biological mother tries to make peace with him over her pregnancy.”

First things first, it’s nice to see Rusty’s mother back in action on “Major Crimes” this summer. The same goes for how it’s nice just to dig into this character’s past in general. The struggle moving forward is how to find a way for them to come together that makes sense. In the real world, a character like Rusty would be angry at his mother. How could you expect anything otherwise? Figuring out this relationship will be a top priority moving forward.

As for the case itself, we expect interesting revelations. Also, as someone who spends time in Venice Beach, it’s not exactly surprise that chaos can unfold down there. Unfortunately, the same goes for people taking advantage of tragedy for personal gain.

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