‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 6 review: Vincent is pushed beyond his limit

BatB -For those of you who prefer “Beauty and the Beast” when the story comes around to the military and some of Vincent’s history there, Thursday night’s new episode “Beast of Times, Worst of Times” may have been a particularly interesting hour of TV. This was one where there were a wide array of things that happened, most notably Vincent suffering the after-effects from being given a a particularly mighty charge that sent his body into overdrive.

Basically, he was used as a weapon to kill a high-ranking official, and by the time the team had him back, he was riddled with guilt and questioning what to do from there. Even some within the inner circle, such as Heather, started to question how safe he really was to be around.

While in some ways this marked an exploration into old themes, we do enjoy getting storylines that do channel some of the characters’ past. Also, we appreciate that the show is not just sitting on the state of things for Tess and JT, or having there be nothing happening with Heather’s personal life. She is continuing her secret from Kyle, which remains somewhat smart given that we do still suspect that this guy may have something a little shady going on still. (This show makes us suspicious of everyone!)

In terms of episodes with happy endings, this isn’t near the top of the list as “Beast of Times, Worst of Times” made it abundantly clear that there is still a lot of work that still needs to be done. Hopefully, we will get a further sense next week of redemption. Episode Grade: B.

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