‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Dorothy Williams (Nick Cannon’s Golden Buzzer act), Sila Sveta, and final auditions

AGT -Tonight marks the final audition show for “America’s Got Talent,” so we better hope that in the process, there’s some great acts to shake things up before the Judge Cuts! Also, let’s hope that there are some non-singers who get some attention, given that so far this summer vocalists have gotten way too much of the attention.

Of course, now that we’ve said that, it only makes some sense that we’d have to start the show off with some tomfoolery. We don’t really focus on the bad in these reviews, so let’s all just take a collective deep breath and wait to discuss some of the better performers on the night!

Cody Carter – He’s extremely good as a baton-twirler, but now that he’s made it through (and we hesitate to say this, because he’s just a teenager) he’s got to find a way to take it up a notch! We need an element of danger or surprise in the next round. For what this was, though, it was fun.

Ilan & Josh – This started at first like a bad singing act, and instead, it turned quickly into a bizarre, fun beat-boxing act featuring two Jewish guys who met in one of the holiest of places in Jerusalem. We’re very interested to see how they do now we know this is coming.

The Outlaws – Are they the best dance crew we’ve ever seen? No, but we do think that smaller crews with fewer members more often than not have a great chance of advancing in the competition. They’ll be memorable, and there is potential for them to up their game.

Daniel Joyner – A decent singer who apparently likes to perform classic standards. His rendition of “Try a Little Tenderness” was nice, but we’re not going to pretend that he blew the doors off or anything. He needs to learn how to command the stage better, and get some experience being in front of crowds. There’s not much time to do that.

John Bernhardt – This was odd. Musically it was still enthralling, but definitely not what we expected it would be.

Sila Sveta – Really beautiful. We’ve seen similar dance / technology hybrids over the years (Heidi Klum actually HAS seen something like it on the show before), but at the same time it improved and got more and more innovative as the routine progressed. We can envision there being so much more the show gives us.

Moya Angela – Incredible voice, great story, and someone who’s easy to root for. The only obstacles we see in front in her are that there are a ton of singers in this season, and she chose a somewhat-dated song for the audition. If she comes back out with something current, we have a feeling that she’ll make it EXTREMELY far, even in this vocal sea of talent.

The Passing Zone – We love these guys. We have no idea why the show is pretending like they were never on it, but they are the best jugglers who have ever been a part of it. We’re happy that they’re back after being gone since season 1.

Steven Brundage – Really cool. We’ve never seen someone do magic with a Rubik’s cube, and as a result of that we really enjoyed this performance from start to finish. Like with some other acts we’ve seen, though, he has to figure out how to step it up.

R.L. Bell – We almost got emotional hearing the start of this performance. Man, is this guy ever seriously good. His voice is so smooth, and he can do almost anything with it. Do we wish that some of shtick with the ladies would go away? Sure. The same goes with the voice going all over the place; if he reigns it in, he could be something special.

Dorothy Williams – Clearly, Nick Cannon got drunk or something before pressing his golden buzzer. We do think that she’s a really interesting woman, and she has an amazing story; yet, we also cannot deny that much of her talent just stems from her age as opposed to what she did. This was relatively close to being a David Walliams golden buzzer, for those out there who watch that show.

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