‘Power’ season 3 video: New clip focuses on Tommy

The folks over at Starz are certainly doing their part to promote the upcoming third season of “Power” leading up to its premiere later this month. After all, they’ve released a whole bevy of various trailers and sneak peeks, with the latest one in particular putting the focus mostly on Tommy.

Could Tommy actually kill Ghost? Based on this preview, which is mostly a summation of how he has gotten to this point so far, it is pretty darn clear that he wants to and this is the goal. Yet, there’s a difference between that and execution, and while we’d call Tommy many things, we’re not sure he is calculated enough to pull something like this off. Also, Ghost claims he’s out of the business, which is something that we’ve heard a million times before, but still … if he means it, is there really that big of an incentive to take them out?

The marketing strategy by Starz for these seems to be interesting, mostly in that a lot of the promos are using the same exact footage more or less with about 10-15 seconds of something new. It’s like they are establishing some overall themes, and then finding some space in there for some individual updates. Hopefully as we get closer to the premiere, we’ll have a little bit more in the way of specifics in terms of what we have to look forward to this season.

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