‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 5 review: What could have been for Cat, Vincent

Beauty and the Beast -

If we were to look at Thursday night’s new episode of “Beauty and the Beast” in terms of its overall impact to the world of the show, it would be hard to classify it as anything other than a disappointment. After all, there really was not any forward movement in the main story of the hunters looking for Vincent, other than the move to get him in the hospital and try to keep him from doing anything crazy for a while.

However, we found this to be a rather compelling entry into the pantheon even if it was not the most important episode we’ve ever seen for the sake of the overall story, with the biggest reason for that being the window into what the world would have been like if Catherine had no idea who Vincent was. After yet another attack, he was getting down and felt like he had done nothing other than make Cat’s life worse; however, he soon realized that this was not actually the case, and that he had made her life in some ways better. He had helped her find some closure on her mother’s death, and in turn, she found a great love in him and they are now tackling the mysteries of their world together.

This alternate reality brought us some fun stuff, as well, with JT and Tess, who we do think are going to find each other once more by the end of this. We just hope that it makes the entire journey worth it. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is arguably one of the best movies out there, so it was a fun little thrill to see what the show decided to do with this.

Also, we’re thinking of this episode almost as a stabilizing force; as rough as things may be for some of these characters, it could still be better than the alternative. Grade: A-.

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