‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Brian Justin Crum, Ryan Beard, Sofie Dossi shine in latest audition show

AGT -America’s Got Talent” fans, commence your rejoicing: We’ve got another audition episode to check out! As per usual, we’re going to be updating this article as we go along, and hopefully, we’re going to learn somewhere along the way who is the Golden Buzzer for host Nick Cannon.

Ryan Beard – Our first act of the night, and a guy we really dug. The thing about Ryan is that his biggest talent may just be his personality. He’s a funny songwriter, and while comedic singers do not occupy the biggest market out there, we’re going to keep rooting for him because at least his style of singing is different than almost everyone else who has appeared on the show so far.

Kadan Bart Rockett – Sometimes, being a magician is all about personality. The trick we’ve seen a million times over, and the box for the sawing-his-sister-in-half trick was so big that it was easy to figure it out. Yet, there’s something fun about a kid magician with a leather jacket and a chainsaw who was comfortable being on stage and doing this.

Patrick and Ginger – It’s a really fun dog act. The story here was at times a little overwhelming going into it, but there was a beautiful contrast that was thrown in here in between what we saw between that package and the fun, energetic, remarkable performance that came afterwards.

The Smiths – We don’t really like agreeing with Simon Cowell (too predictable), but he was totally on point about these husband-and-wife singers. They did start off in a very hokey / karaoke sort of space, but they got better and better as time progressed before leading to a really strong ending.

ThroWings – Incredibly dangerous, and also fantastic. There is something so magnetic about watching someone put their lives on the line for a series of throws and stunts. Even when we have seen some other danger acts over the years, there is still something about this one that captivated us.

Dan Meyer – We love a good sword-swallower. We’ve seen a few of them over the years, and all of them at least try to be creative with this. What he did here with the car and steering it around the stage was insane, incredible, and exciting. He deserves to move on to the live shows after this.

Sofie Dossi – This is someone we saw heavily promoted during the promos for this episode: A young woman who is a contortionist, and uses a bow and arrow with her feet. We’re not going to pretend that this is totally new to us since we have seen the act before; yet, at the same exact time it remains INCREDIBLY impressive. For a teenager, her stage presence was off the charts!

Christopher – We saw this guy teased leading up to the show, so we knew that he was an amazing puppeteer. We’re not so sure that a Village People tribute works in 2016 that well, but we give him a lot of credit. Still, he needs to really find a way to step it up moving into the next round!

Brian Justin Crum – We’re closing with another singer, folks! It’s a little surprising that the show seems to want to promote vocalists so much this season since there are other shows that you can get that. Now that we got our little rant out of the way, let’s make it clear that this had NOTHING to do with Brian, who is amazing. His voice is insane, and we could see him doing pop music or in a leading role on Broadway in a second. Great audition, and out of the singers this season, he brings something new. Well done.

(Shockingly, there was no Nick Cannon golden buzzer. Next week?)

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