‘Veep’ season 5 finale reaction: Doyle’s revenge is Laura Montez’s gain

We knew that the “Veep” season 5 finale was going to be crazy … but who imagined that it was going to go precisely like this? The season 5 finale certainly was one for the ages, and one that provided comedy, surprises, and yet another changing of the guard.

Specifically, here is what happened: Selina Meyer is not President of the United States. However, neither is Tom James. After there were multiple surprise votes, it turned out that James’ opponent in the Senate in Laura Montez was the one who ended up getting the job, and she did so thanks to some behind-the-scenes dealings of her own, using Charlie Baird and Vice-President Doyle in order to get what she wanted. Basically, she used some of Selina’s own past mistakes against her.

As a result of this, what we ended up seeing happen here was a situation where Selina no longer has any power, and she faces an extremely uncertain future. Not only that, but as her helicopter was flying away after inauguration, it had to land. She was left alone, pondering over what her future would be while so many other people out there relished in their victory. It’s hard to say that Selina deserved better based on how she treated people, but it’s not like there are really better people in this show’s world of Washington. It’s also hard to say what was a bigger representation of bad things happening to not-great people within the world of this show, Selina losing here or Jonah Ryan suddenly getting a health scare. One of the few regulars other than Mike to have a happy moment was Richard, who was told by Selina that he is actually quite good at his job.

Elsewhere, Dan seemed to get his new job, Mike ended up adopted a six-year old Chinese girl, and it just so turns out that the Eagle found the missing Nevada ballots and Selina had (hilariously) actually won there. We’re not up on election rules enough to know if that changes anything for Selina after the fact … consider that your cliffhanger, a sign that this is the most insane version of Washington ever, and a cap on a brilliant season.

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