‘Silicon Valley’ season 3 finale review: Meet the new boss, almost the old boss

We’ve been waiting to see how in the world “Silicon Valley” would untangle itself in the season 3 finale on Sunday night, and rest assured that they found a way! Specifically, they gave Pied Piper a very interesting way out of the fact that Richard Hendricks almost knowingly committed fraud as the company was set to get another round of funding.

The moment that it was revealed that Richard and Jared knew about fake users in Bangladesh, they were close to losing everything. Not only did they lose the support of Laurie from Raviga, but no one else really wanted them. There was a pitch from Gavin Belson over at Hooli, and the worst fear of Richard and company was that they would end up seeing their company in the hands of an egocentric blowhard.

Instead, it turns out that thanks to Big Head and Erlich’s latest scheme, the two ended up buying the company for $1 more, and there may be a new focus to boot: The video-chat, which has surged in popularity ever since Gilfoyle started passing it along. Of course, with that there are many questions of ownership since Dinesh developed it using Richard’s idea, and they may require the help of someone like Monica (now out of a job) on the business end. We suppose that Erlich and Big Head are the new bosses … but we still had to say “boss” in the title. Sounds better.

While we glossed over some of the funny, there was a good bit of that in this half-hour, whether it be Gavin’s mass firings and then also Jian Yang doing one final prank on Erlich in the closing minutes. The spirit of the show is alive, and for the sake of the story’s future, we’re happy the company is, as well.

Sure, we’re a little concerned about the fact that basically the team is no further ahead in the game now that they were at the end of season 2, and they could be even worse off. However, we’re not going to deny that this was wonderfully entertaining, and we’re more excited than ever before to see where we could be going from here. Grade: A-.

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