‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: Paul gets drunk; we get confused, frustrated

Paul -The “Big Brother” live feeds have now been running for just two days, and so far, we’re starting to get a little bit down on them versus how we felt yesterday.

What’s the biggest reason for that? Right now, it has to do mostly with the cast not really having a lot of killer instinct. Basically, Jozea is so clueless as a nominee that Paulie looks like a strategic genius, while Paul, who is coming off the block thanks to the Veto, isn’t much better than Jozea. He knows almost nothing about the game, and tonight he used what little booze the house had to get really drunk and make the whole night about him. We’re mostly just confused as why the majority of the people this season, especially the dudes, were cast.

Ultimately, these guys aren’t strategizing at all and it is frustrating. Even Frank, who at least has done some interesting things the past two days, was getting entertainment out of his own farts instead of anything more substantial. Argh. We don’t know how else to describe how we’re feeling at present.

Also, if you’re interested in running up a tally as to why Corey is terrible, tonight he told a story about his friend who put lighter fluid on a goat and tried to set it on fire. We know that there were some out there who thought maybe his pre-show comments were the result of him being an ignorant kid on Twitter who said stupid stuff years ago because of his environment; however, we hope some of these people realize that where there’s smoke, there may be fire. This stuff may just make us extra cranky because as a born-and-raised Texas these people in the game saying offensive stuff (see also: Aaryn) create terrible generalizations about the state.

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