‘Game of Thrones’ season 6, episode 10 (finaly) photo: The key choice for Emilia Clarke’s Dany

Finale -The finale of “Game of Thrones” is going to be airing on HBO come Sunday night, and in what is typical show fashion, there are a ton of decisions that need to be made … especially when it comes to the Dany character.

One of the biggest ones at the moment is whether or not to stick with Yara Greyjoy and that plan. It may carry with it some risk, but if she can get her on the throne of the Iron Islands, she could be an ally down the line. Not only that, but ships! They are what Emilia Clarke’s character needs in order to make it over to Westeros and begin her conquest precisely how she wants to.

Meanwhile, another decision that she may need to make her is where she is going to land once all of the ships make it over, and also where she could potentially find allies. Tyrion more than likely has spoken to her about House Lannister and the dangers of King’s Landing. Therefore, we feel like wherever Varys is at the moment is where Dany could end up going … which could end up being Dorne. Sure, it’s not the flashiest place in the world and we hated most of the story there last season, but they hold some power, they don’t like the Lannisters, and they also have powerful women running things at the moment.

When you look almost everywhere else, they’ve got so many other problems that trying to help Dany begin her conquest is probably not all that high on the priority list. We’ll get a chance to see what happens tomorrow night, but when looking at all of the variables, our feeling is that the finale ends with Dany heading across the sea, and preparing to travel south. It’s a theory, but isn’t that what most of the internet has right now as opposed to something concrete?

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