‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Bee Free Honee, MTailor, SmartPlate, Float Baby, and Ilumi

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is replaying an episode that we have not thought about in over four months, so as a longtime viewer of the show, this is tremendously exciting. We’re going to check back in with how some of these companies have progressed since originally appearing on the show!

Think of this article as a snapshot version of some of the updates we see on the show, at least based on some of the research that we’ve done online.

SmartPlate – Since appearing on the show … well, not too much has happened. This business, which is really all about a plate that can measure food intake and help establish better eating habits, is still taking pre-orders for shipment this fall. One of the big issues that prohibited them from getting a deal was simply that it was too early for the company. Our other concern is that we feel like people count calories more before their food ends up on their plate. By that time, they’re just ready to eat.

Bee Free Honee – They got a deal from several Sharks during their first appearance, and while we’re not going to say much has fundamentally changed for the company since the show, this business isn’t really designed to. This is more about education and exposure as a plant-based alternative to honey. They’ve gotten the attention of PETA and other organizations, and price-wise, we actually think this isn’t far off from what regular honey costs.

Float Baby – They didn’t get a deal in the Tank, and we know that there was something about the presentation some of the Sharks found comical at the time. We actually do think that there is something valid in what is being sold here; after an activity like this, it makes sense that babies would sleep better and potentially be more relaxed. This was just never a company that was going to be able to scale easily since it is so specific and you need the right people. That’s why we’re not too shocked to see things mostly the same from when the show first aired.

MTailor – The process of getting your shirts custom-fitted, which can be done via an app, and then delivered to you seems to be more streamlined than ever. We remember being really impressed by the company, but put off by the arrogance of the presentation. Luckily, we are able to separate the two since this remains something that we would actually use as someone who hates going to mall and going through that whole process of tailoring.

Ilumi – They’re the company getting an update in this episode, and everything about them to us is great. Love the technology, love the idea of having it controlled via phone, and we love the simplicity and easy use of their website. They have gone from being a “Shark Tank” company over time to one that you wouldn’t even identify with the show anymore.

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