‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 4 review: Are Cat and Vincent having a baby?

Catch Me -We will be honest here when we say that we never quite thought that “Beauty and the Beast” was going to get Catherine pregnant four episodes into its final season. There was still so much of the story to tell beyond this episode, so we didn’t see her and Vincent getting to this place just yet.

Now that we’ve said that, it is pretty clear that the implication from this episode is that it was designed to get them to this place, and potentially at a time when there is a little less danger going on. After waiting and waiting to take a pregnancy test, Cat realized that she was excited about the prospect of starting a family, even if it is probably a good idea for them to get rid of the whole beast-hunting storyline first. (Good idea, since they are really causing all sorts of problems for you at this point.) We still find the villains this time around to be a tad ambiguous and toothless compared to some others, but it’s still early. Hopefully, we’re building towards something given that this is the final season and want to get some of the most epic showdowns to date as a result.

One person who did feel the pain in this episode was JT, mostly because he was captured in a case of someone getting the wrong guy. Then again, he was not exactly innocent either thanks to him repeatedly doing what he could to try to get some beast conspiracy theorists to back off. He and Tess also shared a nice moment where she made it clear that she still cared about him despite them not being together at present. She wanted him to find what he was looking for, preferably without dying in the process.

All in all, we’d say this was a solid episode of the show, even if it did leave maybe a few things on the table we’d like to see either accelerated (the beast-hunting) or resolved. Grade: B.

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