‘Royal Pains’ season 8, episode 6 review: Evan warns Eddie; is Boris leaving?

Tonight, “Royal Pains” entered what we would firmly consider its home stretch. There are two episodes to go after tonight, and through those, we have to hope that we’ll get some conclusion on some long-simmering stories.

During this episode, we had what was probably the furthest thing from closure when it comes to the return of Henry Winkler as Eddie. We’ve seen time and time again that this character is not entirely honest, and after wronging Evan yet again, he offered his father a warning: He won’t let him get anywhere close to his future child, at least for a long enough time that he could hurt him. He and Paige may still have a ways to go before having this child, but tonight was progress! We do appreciate that the show is taking an honest look at the IVF process, and doing something that we don’t often see elsewhere.

As for the Hank storyline, we found this one to be a slight disappointment since it really didn’t accomplish enough for where we are in the series at this point. Basically, the big reveal here is mostly that Boris seems to be planning for the future, and that could include him going “somewhere.” We do think that we’re building towards another big Boris departure, but Hank needs to make a move independent from him.

Jeremiah had a little more positive movement, as he determined that he was ready to start his own lab, even though he does want to keep practicing at HankMed along the way. Divya, meanwhile, is still waiting on sorting a few specifics out herself.

In the end, we feel like Winkler’s return was welcome, and tonight’s episode was certainly entertaining as a standard episode. We just find ourselves wanting more given where we are in the show’s run right now. Grade: B-.

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