Emmys 2016: Why Tom Bergeron, Nick Cannon, Gordon Ramsay, Cat Deeley deserve Reality Host honors

We’ve covered well over a dozen categories in our 2016 Emmy preview, but today, we’re here to chronicle the very last category of the summer in Outstanding Reality Host. There are six names that we’ve included below that span the spectrum of the genre, whether it be live competition shows, pre-taped strategy games, or skill-based battles starring young contestants. All are outstanding in their own way, and there are some in particular who remain grossly underrated for their work.

Take a look at our picks below, and be sure to vote at the bottom of this article for your favorites! We’ll be announcing the reader picks on July 13, the day before nominations are announced, in all categories.

Tom Bergeron, “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) –  To us, there are few who consistently work better in live television than Tom. He’s sweet and caring when he needs to be, and witty and outrageous when the situation calls for it. He is exceptional at thinking on his feet, which is why this is one of those shows that really is worthy of appointment viewing.

Nick Cannon, “America’s Got Talent” (NBC) – Nick is also great in live environments, and what we especially enjoy about his hosting style is that there are few others out there who so willing to dive into the fray with the acts. He’ll dance with them, goof off, riff during the auditions, and then come back and drive the show forward when he needs to. It took “AGT” a while to find their perfect host, but they have one now in Cannon.

Cad Deeley, “So You Think You Can Dance” (Fox) – One of the best things about Deeley is that she goes beyond just being really great at her job; you can legitimately see the respect that she has for her contestants, and understands the sort of work that must go into putting all of the time and effort into being the best dancer possible. She’s funny, caring, and sympathetic depending on the situation.

Anthony Jeselnik, “Last Comic Standing” (NBC) – It’s too bad that this is the longest of long-shots in terms of a nomination, given that Jeselnik really made his short period of time on this show work in his favor. He was consistently funny, had a great back-and-forth with the judges, and at times was funnier than some of the contestants. We’d love to see him take a new gig that puts him in more of a live TV environment to see how he flourishes there.

Jeff Probst, “Survivor” (CBS) – A wonderful narrator, and someone unafraid to challenge his contestants. He thinks with a producer mindset, knowing the buttons to push and also when to back away and let the players think for themselves. Even when you don’t agree with every decision that he makes, at least he’s making them consciously and fighting to put on an entertaining, thought-provoking experience.

Gordon Ramsay, “MasterChef Junior” (Fox) -We don’t know why Ramsay has not been recognized more, given that he is iconic to the reality TV experience. He’s notoriously mean, uproariously funny, and one of the most passionate people we’ve ever seen. What makes him so great in this aforementioned show in particular is that he has a chance to show off a kinder, more nurturing side without completely abandoning that tough-as-nails persona he has on “Hell’s Kitchen” or the adult version of the show.

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