‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 4 review: Could April leave Marc for Michael?

Karen may have fired her manny on the last episode of “Mistresses”, but they are going to continue dating. What has been kind of strange about this season so far is that we have a few “love connections” that don’t feel quite right. Karen and Robert just don’t have chemistry for us and whatever this show is setting up for April and her new married client don’t really click either. We are missing the steamy delicious chemistry this show is known for and are starting to get worried that we won’t see much this season.

April: Michael wants April to be his interior designer, but after his last designer was so bad, his wife wants final say. Things are also getting complicated in April’s love life when Marc’s ex, Sophia, starts working for his band and he tells his bandmates that it’s either him or her. Sophia asks Marc for another chance and says that they can’t play in their up coming show without a lead singer so he agrees. Want an extra wrench in this story? Michael’s wife has served him with divorce papers and April agrees to go for a drink with him even though Marc is really jealous about him (and she’s missing his show). Michael kisses April (and there is no chemistry at all with these two) and she pushes him away and goes to Marc’s show.

Karen: Her work is very busy and it’s starting to interfere with her relationship with Robert a little, so she breaks up with him – this is the big story of the episode for Karen and after such a big juicy storyline last season… we have been really let down with her story so far. Karen has always been our favorite and normally can’t get enough of her, but this season has been kind of limp.

Joss: Her business is suffering a bit and she’s trying to shake it up, but her reputation after the Calista situation is making it harder to land the big time clients she wants.  After trying to steal a big client and having the current PR manager shut Joss down in a very public and rude manner, Joss fights fire with fire. Joss burns the PR manager to the ground after sending some of his private (not so nice) texts to the media and she ends up landing the big client.

Kate: She has found out that Brian is seeing someone else and it’s not just a fling, it’s a real relationship, breaking Kate’s heart even further. We aren’t sold on Kate as part of this group yet and would’ve really liked to have seen the ladies band together to help her through this break up and in turn grow closer as a foursome.

This season is feeling a bit scattered when it comes to Joss for us, but we really liked seeing her go to a support group for women who have gone through similar trauma that Joss has. We want to see her move forward and be that joyful woman that we have missed this season.  Episode grade: C

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