‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 4 review: Are Zoila and Adrian Powell dating?

Devious MaidsNow that we know that Ben and Peri’s sister Shannon are in cahoots on “Devious Maids” we wonder how long it will be before Rosie figures it all out and gathers enough proof to bust them. Spence’s alibi has gone missing, so she is starting from scratch, but Rosie is resourceful.

Zoila: Kyle is back from his trip and even though Zoila was happy to see him, he’s breaking up with her. Frances¬†on the other hand is trying to fix Zoila up with Adrian Powell and although she’s afraid he’s going to recognize her, he acts like he doesn’t – did he not recognize her? When Adrian and Zoila are set up on a “surprise” date we learn that Adrian honestly doesn’t remember who Zoila is and not only that, he’s interested in her and kisses her.

Carmen: Daniella is having a great week as she’s hooking up with Jesse and has a singing showcase, but everything gets complicated when her mother shows up to take her home.¬†Carmen is feeling a bit badly because Daniella has a chance at the singing show to make something of herself, so she organizes a way to make it happen for her. After Daniella sings at the showcase it makes no difference to her singing career, but because she likes Jesse she decides to stay…. that is until she learns that Carmen is actually her mother.

Rosie: The stripper is still missing, so Rosie is now focusing on finding out who has the most to gain from Peri’s death and all signs point to Shannon. Rosie hides under Shannon’s bed and learns that she and Ben are having a romantic relationship and this might be enough to help Spence who is not doing well in prison as his cellmate named “killface” is scaring him to death (really killface is a fan of his).

Marisol: After Evelyn takes Marisol’s credit card and buys her an entirely new living room set, she cuts her off and tells Evelyn that its time for her to face reality and get a job. Evelyn ignores her completely and tries to use Marisol’s credit card on more shopping and instead gets arrested. After helping Marisol land an impossible client she offers Evelyn a job and she accepts.

Watching Evelyn try to get along with the ladies now that “she’s poor” was a lot of fun. We absolutely loved seeing Evelyn try to live within her means, look for a job and learn to be on her own – it’s been the best “fish out of water” story we have seen in a long time. Episode grade: B-

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