‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ revival: Exec on Larry David’s big decision to return

Earlier this week there was a big announcement, and one that we know caused many out there to do a cartwheel or two in celebration: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is coming back to HBO! This is a series that has kept fans waiting for several years now, and the philosophy has always been the same: The show will return when Larry David wants it to return.

Ultimately, there is one thing that David Mandel, one of the show’s executive producers who is now the showrunner over at “Veep,” is surprised by more so than anything else: That David even chose to announce his intention to make more of the show in the first place. Here’s what he had to say on the subject to The Hollywood Reporter:

“… If I may tell you, I’m shocked he released a formal, actual statement. It’s like a new Larry. In the past, we’ve worked like a year on it before anyone ever knew or suspected. It was less of when there was a question of Curb, but he’d work on it for a while before he’d let anybody know he was close to anything. This is a whole new Larry. This is a very open and media-friendly Larry David.

Mandel believes personally that one of the biggest reasons for this change for Larry is in part due to the fact that he has done so much work as of late in both the theater and on “Saturday Night Live” that he has opened himself up more to this world. Regardless of whatever the reason may be, we just ultimately have to say that we’re more than thrilled to see him back in action!

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