‘Big Brother 18’ cast spotlight: How will Tiffany Rousso stack up compared to sister Vanessa?

Tiffany -The moment that Tiffany Rousso was first announced as a “Big Brother 18” houseguest, of course we were interested! It’s hard not to be when her sister Vanessa was an excellent player by and large last year, and also made the live feeds incredibly entertaining. If Tiffany is even half of that, we’ll be grateful that she’s on the season … even if we don’t really love the whole sibling twist.

Enough about that for now, though! Our focus here is more about whether or not Tiffany is going to be capable of standing on her own this season.

Facts to know – Aside from her family connection, she’s a 32-year old high school teacher from Florida. She has met a lot of houseguests from this past season, and is fairly well-connected as a result of that.

Show history – She’s actually a pretty big fan, at least of the recent seasons. Specifically to Big Jeff below, she cites seasons 12 and 13 as one she particularly enjoys. She was obviously familiar with it before Vanessa was on it, at least to a certain extent.

Past houseguest comparison – We’re not just saying this to say it, but she really is a lot like her sister in terms of how she speaks, and how competitive she is. Maybe you can argue that she is also fairly similar to Rachel’s sister Elissa in some ways, as well.

Clear weakness – The moment that her last name is revealed, she’ll be an instant target and thought of as a gamer. We also worry that she could be a little too intense at times; it is possible that there could be returning players, and if there is, she has to figure out a way to dial it back and not let her drive and desire for control get the best of her.

Early prediction – Tiffany is an interesting case since we actually think that if it weren’t for her sister, we do think that she would be a really good player this season. We’d even say that she was a potential winner pick. However, there’s a zero percent change that she is going to be able to hide her being a part of the Rousso family, so with that we think she’ll last six weeks at best.

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