‘Person of Interest’ season 5, episode 12 reaction: What is Dashwood?

Can you believe that there is only one more episode left of “Person of Interest” this season? The only thing more distressing than the state of things for some of our characters at present is this.

Through most of this episode, what we saw from Harold Finch was an attempt to infiltrate the facility, and destroy Samaritan once and for all. However, not even the aid of the Machine or his friends ensured that this could happen.

Luckily, at least Finch finally reunited with Shaw and Reese by the end of the episode, as the two were able to go undercover and help ensure some of the operatives were stopped for the time being. Unfortunately, while all of this was happening, Fusco found himself at the center of grave danger. The good news here is that his shooter fell victim to the classic faux pas of not checking to see if he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Fusco’s alive!

While all of this was fantastic to watch unfold, Harold was left with a key question: Should he stop the Machine if it means defeating the enemy? Would the world really be better if both it and Samaritan were gone? In order to aid him in this decision, we saw one final vision, one that made it clear to him that regardless of what he did, Samaritan would have continued to rise to power, complete with Root and other shockers. It made matters all the clearer when it comes to his role, and how he may have to act moving forward. For tonight, it seemed like he felt his best move was trying to put Samaritan out to pasture, knowing full well it could also destroy the Machine. Also, he entered the password of “dashwood” in part to make it happen. What is this? Maybe it is someone’s real name, or a significant place we have not seen to date. Maybe it’s just a reference to Sense and Sensibility.

In the end, “Person of Interest” continues to tell an incredible narrative, and one that has us wondering about the future of security and the role of technology in our lives. The themes here are strong, and to go along with this, we care about the characters.

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