‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3, episode 9 review: A Vanessa shocker … and a series finale?

For its season 3 finale of Showtime, “Penny Dreadful” delivered what may just be one of the most insane hours of anything that we’ve had a chance to witness for quite some time. We’re not entirely sure how they come back from this, and that may be precisely the point.

We imagine that there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the renewal for the show moving forward (if there is a renewal, that is), but the card reading “the end” at the end of the hour has us fearful. The same goes for the notion of losing Vanessa, who was shot by Ethan at the end of the hour as she proclaimed that there was no way for the spirit of the world to be preserved with her still on it. There was nothing more devastating that he could have been forced into doing, and yet, he made the move.

Now, is there something to take from the Creature being at Vanessa’s funeral in the closing minutes? Maybe, but we feel like this could be a fitting end to the series if Showtime deems it so. After all, Ethan does not have something resembling family with Sir Malcolm, and there may be a further chance at peace.

Prior to this we had a fearsome showdown with many of our heroes and Dracula’s familiars, leading ultimately to a battle against the famed vampire himself. We do think that this led up to the episode’s billing, and gave us the showdown we so needed moving into the finale.

Overall, we’d say this was a heck of a great conclusion to the season, in between the Lily – Victor sequences, seeing Dorian’s next moves (though we do think his story this year was weak overall), and of course the Vanessa reveal at the end. This proved that this is a GUTSY, fantastic show, and we’re super-curious to see what happens next in the event there is a renewal. Grade: A-.

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