‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3, episode 8 review: Dracula, Ethan fight for Vanessa, Dorian cleans house

When we last saw Vanessa on “Penny Dreadful” she confronted Dracula, but the more he talks the more she can’t help but listen to him since he is offering for her to have a chance to be who she truly is. Will she be with Dracula and did that bite from him change her forever?

Dracula may have Vanessa right now (and there is a plague on the city because of it), but Ethan is back and it’s making Dracula quite nervous… is Ethan and Vanessa’s love enough to save her? When Ethan and Malcolm return home Vanessa is no where to be found, but Dracula has left a message for Ethan – a dead wolf. While Vanessa may not be at the house, it is filled with many of Dracula’s minions ready to attack. Luckily Cat is there to help the group fight them off and after taking care of the vampires, she helps get everyone up to speed on what’s happening with Vanessa.

Lily is still being held against her will by the doctors while Dorian goes home to kick all the women out of his house (and once the women see that he’s immortal they all flee, except for Justine who he kills). Lily asks for a moment alone with Victor and tries to seduce him as a way to escape, but it doesn’t work. She later tells him that he has to let her live her life with all of her emotional scars, including the loss of her daughter (a horrible, heart-wrenching story) and she begs Victor not to take away the memory of her daughter. Victor decides not to tame her and instead unshackles her, and he finally has his first moment of real love where he thinks of someone else and not just his own wants.

John is reunited with his family and it couldn’t be going any better. He’s happy for the first time since we’ve met him and he’s making plans to get their old apartment back, stop his wife from working in the mines and teach his son to swim. Unfortunately their son’s sickness is getting worse ever since the plague moved into the city.

The confrontation between Ethan and Dracula was fantastic: Ethan wanting to save Vanessa and Dracula confident that she is already saved now that they are together. Dracula’s strength is intense and he has an army behind him, but with the full moon out, Ethan has the advantage (and Kaetenay is also a werewolf so he has help too). We don’t know how it’s all going to end, but we know that it’s going to be intense… “Penny Dreadful” finales always are. Episode grade: B

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