‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 3 review: Marisol gets a houseguest, Zoila avoids reality

Devious MaidsDid Spence really kill Peri on “Devious Maids”? On the last episode we saw Spence confessing to the murder with Ben standing to the side looking quite evil. Did he talk Spence into doing this? Let’s see if we have some answers on this week’s episode.

Rosie: When Spence explains to Rosie that Ben helped him piece together the night of Peri’s murder, he was able to figure out that he really was responsible for killing her and that’s why he confessed. Rosie tells Spence that she’s never heard of his “sponsor” Ben and thinks that this is also part of Peri’s trick. She also tells him about the stripper who saw him that night, but he’s already accepted that he did it and asks for Rosie to take care of Tucker – which she accepts. Ben has a spy at the prison and he is told that Rosie has an alibi…. but why would he care? We still suspect that Ben killed Peri and once he kidnaps the stripper we are convinced he’s the real killer.

Things get more complicated when Peri’s sister, Shannon, comes to town saying Peri left her in charge of her estate, her house and Tucker. Rosie and Spence come to an agreement that she will fight to stay in Tucker’s life and he will start to fight for his own freedom. With Tucker having a major meltdown, Peri’s sister allows Rosie to come back and take care of him.

Carmen: Daniella is getting away with murder as she is partying all the time, not doing her job anymore, crashing Adrian’s Bentley and getting bad tattoos, but when Carmen tries to say something, Daniella tells her that she’s acting like her mother and Carmen backs off. As things get worse, Carmen decides to call Daniella’s ‘mom’ to help with the situation.

Marisol: The war is on between Marisol and Genevieve over Peter as Genevieve starts to get Marisol blacklisted from every restaurant in town, is embarrassing her by vandalizing her car and is trying to destroy her business by having all of her maids fired. Marisol later learns that Genevieve cheated on Peter and she decides to fight fire with fire. After having a friend bleach out Genvieve’s hair, she goes to talk to Marisol about the war between them. She tells Marisol that she’s gone off the edge like this because she’s lost Zoila and they call a truce.

Zoila: Kyle is mysteriously out of town and Frances asks Zoila to come with her to a charity event. The one event turns into may social events, but when Zoila doesn’t extend an invitation to anyone for an event of her own, Frances tells everyone that Zoila is having a cocktail party. She asks Carmen and Daniella to be servers at the event, but when Daniella gives a guest attitude after spilling a drink on her (and Carmen stands up for Daniella), Zoila fires them.

The Powells: Evelyn has left Adrian, but he’s not going down without a fight. He has put a stop on her credit cards and cash so that she cannot continue to live the lifestyle she is accustomed to in hopes that she will see what life is like without him. Adrian has retained all of the divorce attorney’s in Beverly Hills so that Evelyn can’t fight to get her money back. Adrian tells her that the nightmare will go away if she comes back to him – instead she moves in with Marisol.

The reveal of Shannon and Ben in cahoots together was a fun reveal and we wonder how long it’s going to be before Rosie figures it all out now that she’s working as Tucker’s nanny again. There are a lot of balls in the air right now and the one we are the most worried about crashing to the ground right now is Zoila. She has been living this make believe life to escape her pain, but the real owner will be back at some point and she will have to face some pretty harsh realities. Episode grade: B-

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