‘Preacher’ episode 3 review: when Jesse’s power (almost) takes over

Preacher -Meet Jesse Custer, a priest, a reformed bad boy, and ultimately, a guy still doing everything that he can to figure himself out.

On Sunday night’s new episode of “Preacher,” what that meant was him having to understand precisely what his powers can do, and the crisis of past vs. present that caused. We saw that firsthand in his showdown with Donnie, which led in turn to Jesse almost having the guy blow his own brains back. We’ve seen these powers do a little bit of good, and here, it almost had a very different set of consequences. It was after this he determined that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to leave Carlos up to God.

The dynamic between Jesse and Tulip is without a doubt fun, but is still something that the show is working out still. Is she a confident, an enabler, a supporter, or a devil on his shoulder? There are a heck of a lot of questions worth asking, but at the same time, not a whole lot of answers just yet. Seeing a little bit of how she operates through her trip to Houston did at least turn out to be an interesting, worthy diversion.

As for Cassidy, he’s went on quite a journey through three episodes, hasn’t he? Today, he learned that the “hunters” weren’t actually hunters so much as angels, and he’s now got an interesting new role as mediators coming up. We do think the show needs some more scenes of its three leads in one room together more to explore their chemistry; while that may be somewhat of a flaw, we’re not going to deny that the show is doing a great job exploring the mythology, being bold, and holding nothing back. This episode may not have been as great as the two that came before it, but it gives us hope that the aesthetic and the action will carry the day until some story issues work themselves out. Grade: B.

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