Is ‘The Bachelorette’ new tonight on ABC? More news on JoJo Fletcher’s next group date

JoJo -For everyone out there looking to bust open the wine and enjoy a new episode of “The Bachelorette” tonight (after all, it’s Monday!), we come bearing some rather-terrible news: Thanks solely to there being NBA Finals coverage on ABC tonight, the show is preempted and will not air until Monday, June 20.

This is a move that ABC planned for long in advance. This is why there were two episodes last week, and even if the Finals had finished early, we would have ended up seeing instead of a new episode a repeat of the retrospective that aired earlier this year 20 seasons on the air. It was smart for them to plan ahead, but sad either way that we have such a big lull in the action.

We don’t want you to leave this article empty-handed, though, so we figured that we would go ahead and give you some more details regarding the next group date! The group will be in Uruguay, and based on the synopsis below, things are going to go from a fun outing to a potentially depressing one rather quickly:

“JoJo meets nine excited bachelors on the sand dunes of Uruguay for a fun day of sand surfing. But the exhilarating outing is cut short by a torrential rainstorm. One glum guy complains to JoJo about his growing feelings of jealousy. How does that affect his future prospects with his potential soul mate?”

For one, we don’t really think that sand surfing sounds like all that amazing an idea for a date to begin with, mostly because you’re going to get sand everywhere for one and to go along with that, it seems like that could get rather hot.

Anyway, we’re going to have some more news on “The Bachelorette” over the coming week over at this link, so be sure to keep checking back to that link for some other scoop! Also, sign up right here to score some other TV news on all we cover, sent right over to you via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: ABC.)

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