Emmys 2016: Why David Tennant, Tobias Menzies, Lou Diamond Phillips deserve Supporting Actor in a Drama nod

Emmys -We’ve said time and time again that the Supporting Actor field in dramas may just be one of the most crowded ones that exists for the Emmys; every show has at least a couple of people who could be nominated. Whether or not they will be is a completely different story.

Below, we’ve got for you our picks for Supporting Actor in a Drama, which include several villains, a redemption story, and quite possibly the greatest Netflix representation of any of the categories yet. That’s just a testament to the sort of great work that is being done on the service these days!

In addition to sharing our own personal choices, we’ve got a poll at the bottom of this article for you to also vote for your favorite. Voting will remain open until July 13, which is the day before the official nominations are announced. There is no limit to how many times you can vote, so have fun!

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Jon Bernthal, “Daredevil (Netflix) – When Bernthal was first announced to play the Punisher we had only seen him in his role as Shane on “The Walking Dead”, so we weren’t sure if he could really play this kind of larger than life anti-hero, but what he gave us was a performance worth Emmy consideration. While watching this season of “Daredevil” you didn’t know whether to root for him or hate what he was doing and that was a complex feeling that Bernthal created for us with ease.

Christopher Eccleston, “The Leftovers (HBO) – If it was not for “International Assassin” airing a little later in the season, “No Room at the Inn” would be the show’s finest episode, and probably one of the strongest hours of 2015. There’s something about Eccleston’s Matt Jamison that you root for, even if his blind idealism and his persistence without hesitation can at times serve as flaws. He plays him brilliantly as this man of faith constantly wedged between Biblical and almost at times mythological struggles. We only wish we saw more of him consistently on the show.

Rory Kinnear, “Penny Dreadful (Showtime) – The role of Frankenstein’s monster (also known as “John”) has been the most heartbreaking role on this series. While all of the characters have some pretty serious struggles, John has had it the worst as he floats on a sea of lonely misery as an outcast to society and a monster to his family. Every time Kinnear is on screen we find ourselves weeping with him and desperate to hold him and tell him everything is going to be okay. It’s not often that a performance can have us crying like a baby every week and leaving us wanting more time with him – Kinnear deserves to be considered.

Tobias Menzies, “Outlander (Starz) – While we’d say the screen time for Black Jack Randall has been less in season 2 than the first go-around, are you really going to say that he has done any less of an exemplary job? You can’t. This man remains one of television’s most-harrowing villains, and it is because of the depth Menzies puts into this role you can see the dual perceptions of the character, one where some see him as a champion without knowing the monster within. This is all without even mention the fine work Menzies puts in as Frank.

Lou Diamond Phillips, “Longmire (Netflix) – Henry Standing Bear is a one-in-a-million character for TV, a determined and complicated figure whose interest and protecting those within the Native American community has led him beyond the fringe of the law. Phillips is the perfect man to play out Henry’s missions as Hector; there is an inherent likability in his performance that continues to have you rooting for him, and he can flip the switch from amicable friend to ruthless vigilante in the blink of an eye. Overall, this is an extremely underrated performance from a show that never receives the recognition it deserves to begin with.

David Tennant, “Jessica Jones (Netflix) – The most terrifying villain of the year (and most terrifying since Ben Linus from “Lost”) is Kilgrave on “Jessica Jones”. Mind control may seem like a strange ability when you compare it to super strength, but it turned out to be the most frightening ability we have ever seen a villain have and Tennant’s portrayal of Kilgrave couldn’t have been any better. He was flippant, cocky and honestly believed that (for the most part) he wasn’t doing anything wrong – that the world owed him. This performance left us talking about Tennant for months.

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